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Mac Uninstall Directions

  • Delete the Transformer Lab application from your /Applications Folder
  • Transformer Lab stores models and data in your ~/.transformerlab/ folder -- deleting everything there will destroy all your settings and experiments
  • When downloading large models, Transformer Lab often uses Huggingface's tools which download models to ~/.cache/huggingface/hub delete this directory to remove the large model files
  • There may be a small folder in ~/Library/Logs/transformerlab/

Here is a script you can run in a Terminal that will do all of the above steps:

rm -rf /Applications/Transformer\
rm -rf ~/.transformerlab/
rm -rf ~/.cache/huggingface/hub/
rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/transformerlab/

This will remove all the packages installed for Transformer Lab, freeing up space.