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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Run this on a Mac?

Yes, using MLX.

How can I write my own Plugin?

Plugin information is defined here: Plugins . Feel free to chat with us on Discord to discuss your idea and we can offer feedback.

Instructions here

Where are Models Stored on My Disk?

Most of the time, when you download a model, it is stored by HugggingFace's Hub library which places models in the:


Directory. If you are running out of space you can safely delete directories in there, or you can use their CLI tool:

Models that are not Huggingface models (such as ones you make yourself) are by default stored in ~/.transformerlab/workspace/models

If you would like to the Huggingface models in a different directory, for example if you are running out of space on your main drive, this article offers instructions on how to move the directory elsewhere: