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What is Transformer Lab?

Transformer Lab is a free, open-source LLM workspace that you can run on your own computer. It is designed to go beyond what most modern open LLM applications allow. Using Transformer Lab you can easily finetune, evaluate, export and test LLMs across different inference engines and platforms.

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Transformer Lab works well for users with access to a GPU or TPU (local or in the cloud). It also works well on M-series (M1, M2, M3) Apple Mac computers using MLX.

Researchers and engineers can use Transformer Lab to execute experiments and track their results.

Users in the LLM ecosystem can build plugins for Transformer Lab to extend it's functionality in new ways.

Our plan is to continue to expand Transformer Lab to support numerous advanced applications of LLMs. We'd love your help! Start by joining our Discord.

What can I do with Transformer Lab?

With Transformer Lab, you can:

  1. Download LLMs
  2. Chat with LLMs
  3. Calculate embeddings
  4. Create and download datasets for training LLMs
  5. Finetune and Train LLMs

And more. The best way to learn about how you can use Transformer Lab is to watch an end-to-end tutorial video.

Intro Videos

The easiest way to learn about Transformer Lab is to watch the 5 Minute Getting Started Video to get a quick tour.

Simple Install Instructions:

Download the Transformer Lab App on your Mac and follow the on-screen instructions. Video below:

Trying out different Inference Engines

This video demonstrates how Transformer Lab can be used to run several different inference engines.

Advanced Install Instructions:

If the simple install doesn't work for you, or you'd like more control over the components, read our section on Advanced Install Instructions.